Pleisure Pubs, Sussex (Small decent Pub Owning Company)

By | November 18, 2010

Another responsible Pub owning Company, in our hunt for decent companies that people can go to, unfortunately as with all good companies their recruitment is limited because staff turnover is minimal. However if they have a vacancy we will post it on the site.

 Well, Pleisure Pubs, where to start?
 At the beginning I guess, way back in 1991. From the first venue
 opening in 1991, we have grown slowly, but surely, to our current
 complement of nine pubs with Brighton in Sussex as our base.

 Where standards count
 As a company we insist on the highest standards throughout, be that
 the service we give to our customers or the products we sell. We have
 been acknowledged as an “Investors In People” company, have a
 reputation for introducing new products to our customers and have
 toured the globe to bring you some of the more unusual and
 traditional ones.

 Where else would you see Siwucha, a traditional Polish vodka,
 alongside rare small batch bourbons from Kentucky?

 More choice
 If you find that you want more choice, we have thought of that too!
 Why not try one of our specialist pubs, where alongside traditional
 cask ales (because we are big fans of cask-conditioned ales!) you
 will find large ranges of particular products.
 • The Great Eastern has around 60 Bourbons
 • The Saint James has an amazing collection of Rum’s

 Knowledgeable team
 But it is not just the products that we love sharing with you; we
 also pride ourselves on our knowledge. All our managers have studied
 long and hard to obtain a diploma from the Wines & Spirits Education
 Trust in Spirits (professional level 2 no less!). They really do know
 their stuff too.

 But don’t just take our word for it the experts have had their say
 too. We won an MA100 award in 2008, highly recommended in 2009 and
 won it again in 2010. The Publican also recognized us with The Great
 eastern winning the Best Spirits Pub in their 2008 Food and Drink
 Awards with both the Eastern and the Saint James finalists in 2009
 where the Saint James was highly commended and we look forward to the
 2010 awards when both venues have made the final four again, fingers

 We are not currently recruiting, but keep an eye on the site and we will let
 you know when we have any vacancies!

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  1. Les

    The Speaker Pub Westminster.
    I am travelling to the GBBF at Olympia 13-17 August. I also want to visit this pub but I believe it’s usually closed at weekends with a few exceptions. Will it be open the weekend of the GBBF?


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