Barrel Dregs, is this another Pub Co Scam or Corporate Amnesia. (178)

By | May 11, 2011

Here’s one for you…….When I signed for the pub the machine people, Sceptre Leisure, filled the hopper on the fruit machine with £300.

This meant that for nearly 3 weeks I had no return as I had to ‘buy’ that £300.

The collector is coming to do a final collection this week, now as I see it that £300 is mine first.

Then collect and share out the rest.

But no.

Its collected as a whole and shared so EI still get a share of the £300 which is rightly mine.

Or am I missing something here!!! I sure as hell can’t get my head around why EI should get another penny out of me!!

Answers below please :))

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