Brulines yet again, Barrel-Dregs (187)

By | July 4, 2011



Pot Boy gets a never ending stream of emails from lessees that are sick and tired of the general bully boy tactics used by Brulines and the mob that either work for them or rely on their every word. This is a cautionary little tale of the nasty side that is both nobody’s fault and everybody’s fault.
First let’s look at the basic understanding of how the fresh faced and enthusiastic new lessee thinks he understands Brulines. The lease will certainly say that flomonitoring equipment shall be installed. Your advising Solicitor, charging a fee for doing so, will not have a monkey’s clue as to the true meaning or implication of flow monitoring. Similarly, the Pubco minion, the knuckle dragging plonker, will definitely NOT tell you what’s in store. You will be told that its “A MANAGEMENT TOOL” to help you run a better and more efficient business. Very Ha Ha! The system does not run in “real time” and the results are manually adjusted prior to being available to the Pubco after about two weeks. Next, you should have an “access key” to your Brulines account to be able to monitor just how inaccurate the results are. Not everyone gets their access key or code word pass even if you know that one exists.

There is no control over how the Brulines is installed or reports,  which will most certainly INCLUDE any free of tie lines that you may have. Sneaky ! The Pubco wants to police your cellar for everything you sell to clobber you on the next rent review. Bet nobody told you that one ! Technically it’s a breach of lease if you disconnect any line monitor. FACT. But what happens if you do ? Will the Pubco take action to forfeit your lease….not very likely as they have suffered no loss as the line removed was a free of tie line. Will the Pubco fine you…..again most unlikely because once again they have not suffered any form of loss. Fining and forfeiture proceedings only occur where the Pubco can prove they have lost income from loss of supply and can back it up with secondary evidence other than Brulines.

Don’t forget that the vast majority of Brulines kit (the Titan flow monitor) is definitely not 100% accurate. It cannot differentiate between beer, water or gas in the line and the monitoring unit can record volume units flowing both forwards and backwards. Oh yes ! Less than 5% of all Brulines kit is the latest I draft system (which is expensive). Actions against you relying solely on Brulines evidence is loaded with problems for the Pubco, and they know it..

Funny thing is that the Brulines system has not been passed as an approved system by Trading Standards, i.e., given type approval, for use in trade. No problems as a so called Management Tool, but as for fining, sorry, no dice. That’s “use in trade”. Brulines certainly will not own up to that one and neither will the Pubco. The last thing they will do is neuter their very own policeman.

So what can happen?
Most likely the lovely Pubco business partner of yours will get nasty and personal ‘cos you are taking the rise with his beloved Brulines. Delivery dates can change, dilapidations and statutory compliance notices start arriving. You might even be accused of buying outside such tie as exists. All very nasty and intimidating. Back to the start. Betcha your solicitor never highlighted any of this. On even keel, neither did the Pubco man who was so eager to sign you up to this wonderful lease. Read the lease. There is nothing there that says how the flow monitoring is to be used as a reporting or policing tool to the Pubco.

Back to my one totally free of tie cellar, the other one is tied. Boo Hoo!

Pot Boy.

The views expressed are not necessarily the editors and accepts no responsibility for them, we do try to avoid offensive or litigious statements being made. They are written by concerned professionals in the industry who feel that these issues should be raised to ensure that all licensees made fully aware of many hidden pitfalls.


One thought on “Brulines yet again, Barrel-Dregs (187)

  1. tony

    i work for a management company who use brulines and after a 6 week stock we got a deficit of over £400 based purely on the bruline records, i have been in this business for 20 years but have never had bruline system in, i was just doing my weekly line clean before the pub opens and with the cask ale i usually pull off at least 50 pints of water on 3 pumps and about the same on 6 keg pumps!! i sometimes also do this whilst the pub is open so how do they know if im pulling water or beer through??? my loss was all draught and as my wife and i dont drink or have any staff i am baffled, please help


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