Virus Attack, be warned. Barrel-Dregs (192)

By | July 20, 2011

 Virus Attack


This is an email from a reliable colleague, please note.

Back in the land of the living having survived (just) a most horrendous virus atrtack on my entire computing system. How it happened last Thursday first thing was I had a spam advert for “Win a free holiday in Euro Disney”.Being the tidy sort of fellow I am, I clicked ‘unsubscribe’ which let in the virus known as Trojan Express. It wiped everything, including my latest anti virus fire wall, and even cross infected my Blackberry via my email, which it also disabled !


Anyhow the office computer doctor put everything back together yesterday, professing that he had never seen anything so downright nasty. You might want to put out a general warning to all and sundry as you seem to have such a vast contacts list and tell all about the access point via the unsubscribe button.

Note:- I have been very unsuccessful in unsubscribing on a number of occasions, ending up getting locked into the site that I didn’t want and having to do a tour, it’s an unnecessary pain and I am very wary of unsubscribing, I just delete and don’t touch the email.

If it comes in on a regular basis, then it may be worth unsubscribing, because something like the above will be stopped fairly quickly on the Internet, hopefully.


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