BISC: Brulines is covered by Weights and Measures Act, Barrel Dregs (216)

By | December 6, 2011

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BISC: Brulines is covered by Weights

and Measures Act

Finally Common Sense has reached the surface in the Brulines farce, anyone with an iota of practical experience knows that a basic flow meter without some very technical additions is never going to differentiate between water, beer and air.

We trust that the Pub Co’s enforcing these fines using flawed or inadequate equipment are going to be forced to pay back their outrageouse fines with suitable grovelling apologies to the honest people that were penalised in the now illegal grabs for cash.

Brulines, the beer flow monitoring equipment, is covered by the Weights and Measures Act if a pub is fined for buying outside the tie, Business Minister Ed Davey confirmed today.

Speaking to the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee (BISC), the minister faced scrutiny on the decision to support self-regulation of the pubco-tenant relationship.

In response to a question from the BISC chairman Adrian Bailey, Davey said previous assurances given to BISC claiming the equipment did not fall within Act was “not completely correct”.

He said the system could fall within the regulations if used as evidence to issue fines against licensees.

He told the BISC: “I am told legally under the Weights and Measures Act, in general, that the Brulines equipment is not in use in trade if it is for monitoring purposes.

“However, I am told now, in general, that when it is used, not just to monitor, but to actually go ahead and fine someone, the act of the fine in general means it is in use for trade.

“And therefore I am happy to inform you that we were incorrect. A fine triggers the fact that the monitoring equipment is in use in trade.”

He confirmed this would mean local trading standards would come “into play”.

We also wonder if Mr Davey is going to back pedal on his naive decision to not follow the recommendations of the BISC.


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