They Walk among Us, Barrel Dregs (229)

By | May 13, 2018

They Walk among Us, Barrel Dregs (229)

One from the Archives.

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Barrel-Dregs has been run for many years, we change all the identifiable details, but give you an insight as to many of the sharp or bad practices by a number of companies, in most cases they are just legal but morally unacceptable.

We have a number of Pub owning companies that we will not recommend, their actions have featured in Barrel-Dregs too many times, we did hope that by highlighting their antics they might change, but in Barrel-Dregs terms “Leopards do not change their spots, they cover them with more Mud.”

Enterprise Inns at it’s glorious best

The UK’s favourite caring sharing Pub Co, they are your business partners, they don’t aim to influence your business and social activities, just control even the simple pleasures in your life, its bad enough living over the shop, but to have to drink their vastly over priced or under discounted products, whichever way you look at it, is beyond belief.

The BDM may have lost the very few marbles that he has left or his boss is a complete numpty, putting it politely, assuming that the following is correct, sadly it is not the first report on this childish attitude by a Pub Co.

My business partner lives in a flat above the pub we lease from EI – we are currently subject to injunctive proceedings from them for suspected breach of lease terms.

As part of the negotiations for the consent order they specified that he cannot and must not consume any tied products in his flat (on his own time) that aren’t purchased from EI themselves.

Going to Sainsburys or the offie and buying a couple of beers (at non tied pub prices of course) to enjoy on his rare nights off are a no no, and we also have to refuse samples from brewers etc unless they are immediately moved from the premises and consumed elsewhere.

The really are throwing the beer cans out of their pram.


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