Yet another expensive Phone Scam, Barrel-Dregs 256

By | February 5, 2013

Phone Scam

Starting 809 and 876

Another costly variation on a  phone scam.

If you receive a phone call asking you to ring back on either of the two numbers above, or any number vaguely similar, “Don’t.”

The codes are from the Dominican Republic and a return call costs $2425.00 per minute, even more so talking to an answer phone.

They have swept through the US, Australia, Canada and now the UK, very successfully.

The caller says they are phoning saying a relation has been taken ill, injured or died, and the inevitable you have won a prize in a lottery for the very vulnerable.

The phone companies, at the moment will do nothing, since the call is an international call and out of their jurisdiction, a convenient get out, the calls would soon stop if the phone companies put a block on outrageous payments to foreign phone numbers.

Sadly they will not, possibly they may pick up a percentage of the total bill, which could be substantial.

A strong letter to your MP, suggesting that the phone companies tighten up their security and stop any sort of large foreign payment for a month to ensure that the bill is correct and bona fide.

Strangely, I am sure that none of the phone companies pay on the nail, having spent four months getting a refund from BT, but they appear to take advantage of these phone scams to enjoy the fruits of what are obviously criminal activities, does this constitute money laundering?


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