Common Sense Guide to Buying a Pub

By | March 16, 2013

Buying a Pub or Bistro

The Common Sense Guide to Buying a Pub is now available to purchase as an ebook through for $5.99 or UK equivalent approximately £4.00, depending on the exchange rate.

In addition you can read some the book before you buy, the book was written for the UK Market, but a lot of the general Business Information is International.

The biggest problems in any business are time and money, if one piece of information in this ebook saves you time or money, the cost of the book is minimal.

To read the whole book on line, click on this LINK

If you would like your own copy, please go


Allergens have been identified as a possible source of problems  Read

Scores on the Doors an essential for all businesses involving Food Hygiene, Read More

Credit and cash Flow  More

Energy Performance Certificates and  M.E.E.S.

We have a large range of FAQ’s, Check lists on buying a range of businesses and a considerable number of supportive companies specialising in the topics that you need to run a business, especially licensed property. More

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