Yet another Scam, please pass it on.

By | November 7, 2013

A scam doing the rounds.

A delivery company calls and asks if you are going to be in as they have a parcel for you.
Within the hour a driver appears with a basket of flowers and a bottle of wine, no idea who it’s from but there is going to be a card to follow. He asks for £3.40 so he can prove the delivery has been mad…e to an adult as there is alcohol in it.
He can’t take cash as the transaction has to be prove able so he produces a hand held card reader.
You put your card in and type the PIN and get a receipt from the machine for £3.40. A couple of days later your account has been cleaned out.
Clever and affective.
Unless you know who it is from beware of unexpected deliveries.
Pass it around, the more who know, the harder it is for the scam to work.

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