Why you should praise the economy’s unsung heroes.

By | January 7, 2014

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You don’t need me to remind you that the last few years have been tough economically. But as we look ahead to 2014 things are slowly beginning to look up. The British Chambers of Commerce has predicted that the UK economy will grow by 2.7% and pass its pre-recession peak of 2008.

And ever so slowly the politicians and pundits are beginning to realise that the most solid backbone of the British economy has been its SME’s – business people and entrepreneurs, like you, who have weathered the storm for the past 5 years. It is not just down to the big guys with their multi-billion pound businesses. But there are still so many hurdles to face, whether it is red tape, employment regulation, compliance or a lack of sensible business finance.

So where does ASC come into this? Well for the past 40 years we have been focusing on assisting business people and entrepreneurs in organising finance for their business, so that they can focus on running and developing their business. We recognise that our clients are human beings and deserve to be treated as individuals, not just form-filling robots who can be fobbed off with call centres or fixed lending criteria. And since facts speak louder than words: ASC arranged over £100 million of finance for small businesses in 2013.

If your users want to speak to an experienced director, with straight and direct communication we would love to talk to them and listen to their business ideas. The benefits are simple: there is no obligation and they can find out how their business can benefit from working with ASC.

P.S. Throughout 2014 we will aim to highlight specific groups of small businesses and entrepreneurs, from retail to manufacturing to healthcare. And to start off, we wanted to highlight an often overlooked sector of the economy which deserves its praise and moment in the spotlight – Light Industry. These small firms are producing key items which we all use every day – from clothing, to electronics, furniture and home appliances. And generally speaking, they don’t attract the same level of attention which the larger heavy industrial companies receive. So we wanted to take this moment to thank them for their vital contribution. Click here to read more.


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