By | April 1, 2014

Finance is Available! And this is not an April Fool!

It’s the time of year where the press and PR companies like to launch fake news stories to raise publicity and for a little bit of a laugh. Last year we were treated to stories about Royal Mail training owls to deliver mail, and the launch of a Tesco Value 3D food printer.

So we are aware that on today of all days, you may have raised your suspicions about which stories are true and which are fabrications. However, what we want to tell you is 100% true.


Even though we read every day about how the banks aren’t lending, about how the economy is in a mess, about budget reductions and cutbacks, we know the truth – that finance for small businesses and entrepreneurs is available. Just have a look at some of the deals which ASC have secured finance for recently:

· We helped a couple who own and operate two cafes to buy their first commercial investment property for £315,000

· ASC arranged £1.8 million of bridging finance for the owner of a mixed equestrian and livestock smallholding to purchase a similar property

· ASC successfully arranged finance of £730,000 to repay a development loan for a block of ten flats

· We recently raised £154,000 for leaseholders to purchase the freehold title to their post office premises and the adjoining house

If you are surprised by this, you shouldn’t be. With over 40 years’ experience, ASC know which banks are lending, so a small business owner or entrepreneur can obtain the right finance for their business. If your clients are looking for business finance, we at ASC would love to talk to them and listen to their business ideas. To find out if ASC can assist in arranging finance for your clients, contact us today.

Henry Ejdelbaum

ASC Finance for Business

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