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The Pubs Advisory Service are announcing five MRO road show dates during which the forthcoming Market Rent Only option will be explained to licensees, brewers and other interested parties.

The road shows will take place throughout June with dates in London, Liverpool, York, Leicester and Exeter and will be hosted by the MRO Advisory team: Chris Wright, Simon Clarke and Dave Mountford.

The events will cover :

1. The history of MRO – how it came about.

2. MRO today – how the current legislation is being structured – the Pub Code, the role of the adjudicator and the legal position.

3. MRO and beyond – how tenants can get the most from MRO as it comes into force.

Dave Mountford said – “We felt it was vital that stakeholders in the trade have a role in formulating the legislation now the campaigning was over – An MRO Advisory Service (MROAS) under the Pubs Advisory Service seemed to be the perfect vehicle. As we are going to be right on top of the unfolding legislation, the MROAS can provide tenants and brewers with immediate and up to date information, context and feedback. Additionally as first groups of tenants start to go through the MRO process or get presented with details from their various pub companies we can relay their experiences directly to BIS officials so that the process can be properly reviewed”

Chris Wright who set up PAS following recommendations from the Government and is the PAS team leader said “ MRO is the biggest event to hit the trade since the beer orders, there is growing interest and excitement from right across the trade as people realise there is going to be a new “tool” in the box. Granted the situation is still very fluid and the ink hasn’t dried on how to wield it but there is no better time to step up and look to maximise the business opportunity. This industry is famed for collaboration and likewise we are looking to join up with as many tenants, brewers and trade associations in shaping the future success of the trade.”

The Details of the Road Shows are as follows:

London 1st June @ The Underbelly, 11 Hoxton Square N1 6NU (10.30am for 11am start)

York 8th June @ Volunteers Arms, 5 Watson Street, York, YO24 4BH (10.30am for 11am start)

Liverpool 9th June @ Fly in the Loaf, Hardman Street, Liverpool, L1 9AS (2.30pm for 3pm start)

Exeter 17th June @ Oddfellows Bar, 60 New North Road, Exeter, EX4 4EP (2.30pm for 3pm start)

Leicester 24th June @ Firebug, 1 Millstone Lane, Leicester, LE1 5JN (10.30am for 11am start)

For more information and tickets please visit

0203 6513351


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