Landlords Dirty Tricks on unsuspecting Tenants. (Barrel-dregs 281)

By | June 29, 2015

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Landlords Dirty Tricks on unsuspecting Tenants. (Barrel-Dregs 281)

The latest Legislation in the Pub/Leisure Industry, has produced a considerable number of breaches of the Codes of Practice and others that fall outside the Codes of Practice, some that are common practice in commercial property.

We wrote “The Common Sense Guide to Buying a Pub”, a number of years ago to make people streetwise before they bought a Pub or Pub Lease/Tenancy, we advised the readers of various tricks, misinformation and in some case downright lies, when they were buying a pub. It now appears that the scale of misinformation has expanded beyond even our belief.

To some Landlords and their Agents it is endemic and acceptable, there are decent companies and Landlords out there, but the relatively minor abuses are almost running out of control, we use the term relatively because the financial figures involved are minor to the Landlord and major to a Lessee/Tenant.

We set up the first serious Takeover Day Checklist, giving all the things that you need to put in place before and after you buy a Licensed Business, to be fair certain specialists have check lists relating to their specific fields.

Following discussions with Natwest and their Mentor Scheme, we have expanded the range of these Checklists to cover a range of business situations.

We then had members giving up leases and tenancies and a fresh range of questionable practices emerged. As a result we prepared Checklists for people giving up their businesses, which now get read regularly.

Having received an extensive email with a mass of sharp practices and a phone call identifying the company allegedly involved, we have decided that we need to expose these activities, if only to stop the offending companies from repeating them, if the tenant immediately recognises the abuse, it can be brought to a stop before it costs them money.

We are now looking at preparing an ever expanding list of sharp practices, abuse of the Landlord and Tenant Act, Codes of Practice and any other nasties in the commercial property market.

Anyone that suffered the slightest abuse however minor or sharp practice, possible breaches of their pub Code, Lease or Tenancy. To protect the tenant, we will not publish the names of the Pub Co, Landlord or the Tenant, email details to, we want a comprehensive list with links, where needed to the in depth details to stop people being ripped off.

We do have a substantial list, but until two months ago, we realised that our list was just the Tip of the Iceberg.

If we can publish a comprehensive list to make people aware when the take a lease/tenancy or commercial property, that is not bought freehold, we will at least make the unscrupulous think twice.

There are decent Landlords out there, many Landlords consider it acceptable to get every last penny out of tenants giving up their leases, most Corporate Landlords know the law, the tenants many have no idea, outside that which they have managed to read and understand in the lease.

We are not Banner Wavers or agitators, we are professionals in our fields who want to see a clean honest industry, the abuses apply across all commercial property where an unscrupulous Landlord or Company want to get a tenant/lessee in or out.

One golden rule always have a tape recorder and record all conversations with the Landlord, his Agent or a Surveyor acting for them, if they want it switched off, don’t deal with them.

This may seem draconian, but we have had so many people promised all sorts of improvements to the building, changes to the lease, none confirmed in writing and all ending in tears, with vehement denials by the Landlord or claiming a departed Agent did not have the authority to make those changes.

Please note:-Landlord applies to any company or individual leasing commercial property, Agent applies to anyone acting for the Landlord in any capacity, unless clearly defined otherwise.

If you would like to cause some mayhem, insist on written confirmation that the Agent has authority to act for the Landlord

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