Are you fed up with staff constantly undermining your authority?

By | September 29, 2015

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Are you fed up with staff constantly undermining your authority?

Whether it is staff frequently wriggling out of blame, problem employees constantly undermining your authority as employer, or unresolved complications coming back to bite you in the backside, it is more than likely that a bad disciplinary procedure is to blame. A clear disciplinary procedure provides a structure for dealing with difficulties in the workforce. Without a clear disciplinary procedure employers expose themselves to a multitude of risks.

Disciplinary procedures are essential for:

Demonstrating to an employment tribunal that the right steps were followed should an employee make a claim against you for unfair treatment

Providing employees with clear expectations in terms of performance and conduct Resolving difficulties without the need of external assistance There are many scenarios where an employee commits a wrong and a manager wants to take action. Yet before they take action, the employer is best advised to investigate thoroughly and gather the evidence to support the allegations. Making sure there is evidence of the wrongdoing is crucial, making investigations a critical element of the disciplinary procedure. Listen to the expert

Register for Avensure’s latest webinar, The Disciplinary and Investigation; getting it right”, to explore the process in more detail with legal expert, Andy Mills. Coverage includes: Conducting meetings The four step disciplinary process How to handle an appeal The dos and donts of gross misconduct

What the audience are saying “I have watched 3 or 4 now and find them easy to access; very easy to follow and also time wise they are not too long. It’s great to be able to try and keep up to date with the changes whilst sat in your own computer and not have to travel to attend a course for a few hours. So far brilliant, would recommend them. Keep up the webinars.” “What a fantastic session, we came away with some useful information which we will be implementing. Look forward to the next one.”

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