Dorset-based, LITTLEWINDSOR LTD, launches free-range Pickled Quail Eggs

By | October 3, 2015

Dorset-based, LITTLEWINDSOR LTD, launches free-range Pickled Quail Eggs

Exciting pickled quail eggs are perfect as a pub and picnic snack

Beaminster, Dorset; 30 September 2015 – Littlewindsor Ltd, an
independent producer of quail eggs based in Littlewindsor, West Dorset
is excited to launch a pickled quail egg product, perfect for pub
snacks, Ploughman’s lunches and picnics.

Littlewindsor is expanding beyond the fresh quail egg market into a
range of pickled eggs, made from the highest quality free range quail
eggs for which the brand has become synonymous. Pickled in a special
recipe of vinegar, herbs and spices, the eggs have a sharp but delicate
taste which combines well with salty crisps and mature cheese.

Littlewindsor supplies pubs, specialty food shops, farm shops and
upmarket butchers across the South West and London with Littlewindsor
Pickled Quail Eggs which come in two jar sizes (100g and 190g), the
smaller jar being ideal for bar snacks. The 100g jars hold 5 eggs and
are sold in cases of 18 jars, costing £36.00 plus p&p. The 190g jars
hold 10 eggs and are sold in cases of 9 jars, costing £27.00 plus p&p.

The Pickled Eggs are sold and distributed directly by Littlewindsor,
through the company website (

“We are seeing tremendous interest in Littlewindsor Pickled Quail Eggs,
particularly from independent pubs and bars looking for new and
interesting bar snacks. The jars are easy to display and serve for
customers to enjoy over a pint and with a packet of crisps.” said Clare
Snelling, Director of Littlewindsor Ltd.

About Littlewindsor Ltd
Littlewindsor Ltd is an independent Dorset producer of high quality
free range quail eggs to the British market, providing the British
consumer with a locally produced fresh alternative to the majority of
quail eggs that are imported from France. The eggs are produced in a
sustainable and environmentally friendly manner where the welfare of the
birds and impact of the environment are our highest concerns. The
result is delicious quail eggs with deep yellow yolks and thick whites
encased in wonderful speckled shells. The company was borne from a
passion for the countryside on 18 acres of land in the hamlet of
Littlewindsor, situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in West
Dorset. Its home page is

Clare Snelling
01308 86 8 285

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